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Everybody’s furniture gets dirty at some point – that’s pretty much just a fact of life at this point. From being lived in after a Netflix and chill session, to food crumbs or unfortunate pet accidents – there’s going to be some sort of mess on your upholstery eventually. But you don’t have to live with it – in fact, we highly advise against it.

Nearly 80% of dirt, dust, and other allergens can end up on your furniture. That’s not counting the food crumbs, fur (if you’ve got pets), slobber and who-knows-what (if you’ve got kids – or, hey, even if you don’t have kids), dead skin cells, coffee or alcohol stains, et cetera. Whatever stain it is you’ve got on your upholstery – trust us, we’ve seen it all. It’s kind of our job!

So, what can you – or what can we do about it?

Upholstery Cleaning Lake Havasu

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What can a professional cleaning service do for my Upholstery?
First of all, it can do what a simple thrashing around with a towel can’t do – a professional cleaning service, like the one we offer with Carpet Cleaning Havasu, can disinfect your furniture!

Like we said, there are microscopic little dangers that lurk in the forgotten grease stains and fallen potato chip crumbs as you never know what kind of bacteria has managed to grow there. That kind of bacteria can seep into your skin and system and cause all sorts of sicknesses and damage – neither of which either of us want!

We have plenty of different kinds of cleaning services available for upholstery, depending on the kind of furniture that you have. Each service would then be tailor made to the kind of service it is that your furniture actually needs. Not a single penny you spend will be wasted on something you don’t really need as we will make sure that you are only treated to the best possible service!

Clean upholstery by Carpet Cleaning HavasuWhat goes into the process for cleaning upholstery?
Some jobs are quick and simple; others, not so much.

It all begins with an inspection and, if necessary, a pre-treatment solution. This is for those stains that require a bit of heavy-duty love into order to restore the furniture back into its prime state. Our experts will treat the material with the necessary solutions to make sure we restore the upholstery to its original state, remove the bacteria, and refrain from causing damage to the piece.

​Naturally, every piece of furniture that you have is a significant investment and you don’t want it ruined. We genuinely understand this – after all, professional cleaning is our day job! We will treat your upholstery with the utmost care and only the best, environmentally friendly solutions possible to make sure that your furniture is safe to use once more.

After treatment, we will also give you instructions on how to best take care of your furniture on your own, so that you don’t need professional cleaning quite as often. The best way to take care of your furniture, after all, is in the daily management and upkeep!

So don’t sweat the small stuff – leave the sweat, the stains, the bacteria, and the damage to us. Trust us, we at Carpet Cleaning Havasu have got you covered!

“So glad we didn’t have to get rid of the couch, Carpet Cleaning Havasu got us a lot more years out of it!”

– Samantha Urid