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There are billions of bad bacteria that could be living in your home right now.

Lots of people assume that a simple wipe down or a bit of moping is enough to get rid of it, when in actuality—it’s hardly enough. The germs are still there and, if they’re left to fester for long enough… that could cause health hazards for you and for your entire family.

Casually cleaning rooms with tile and grout – primarily bathrooms in most commercial and residential places – is insufficient as there is always more than what can be seen by the naked eye. For example, grout can seem deep into tiles and it needs non-toxic sealer to not only keep surfaces clean, but also keep the foundation of the surfaces covered in tiles stable. This prevents water damage and the build up of bad bacteria.

And that’s just the beginning.

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What else can professional tile and grout cleaning services do for my home?
Tile & Grout cleaning services handle a deep kind of cleaning—it gets rid of the dirt, dead skin, bacteria, et cetera that may linger in your bathrooms and such.

For example, microscopic bits of fecal matter may still be in your floors because these little bacteria-laden splashes escape when people flush a toilet without closing the lid. Gross, right? Luckily for you, that’s exactly the kind of cleaning that we’re used to handling.

A professional cleaning service, like the one we at Carpet Cleaning Havasu provide, can disinfect the area and make sure that it’s a deep kind of clean that will leave you worry free. After all, it’s a really dirty job – but hey, we’re here to do it!

Tile Cleaning Lake HavasuWhat are the areas that need professional tile and grout cleaning?
There are different kinds of tile, and there are different parts of a residential or commercial property that may have it. Bathrooms are the most common places that have tile and grout, but some kitchens and foyers have them too. Bathtubs and showers (and showerheads!) are often neglected places when it comes to deep cleaning.

With different kinds of tiles, there are also different ways to clean it in order to preserve the integrity of the structure but also the texture of the tile in question. We can handle tiles made of anything – from ceramic and porcelain, to limestone and travertine – we can clean it all!

Don’t waste your time with do-it-yourself remedies found on blogs that don’t have our kind of expertise and reputation. After all, harsh cleaning chemicals and such could have a bad effect on your home – or even you, if you’re not used to handling such solutions!

There are things that are simply best left to the experts and trust us when we say, you can put away that old toothbrush and whatever it is you use as grout cleaner. Our team of skilled and experienced professionals have way more effective ways that are less of a hassle and less of a struggle.

You can relax knowing that your tile and grout cleaning needs are in the best hands possible. Relax! We can take it from here.

“Wow…didn’t know the tile could get as clean as it is!”

– Matt Dolrus