Rug Cleaning Lake Havasu City

Rugs are excellent for your home – not only as decorative statements, but they also protect your precious floors from stains or scratches.

The trouble is, unlike other bits and pieces of decoration in your home, rugs receive a fair bit more traffic than say, a picture frame or a cute little souvenir statue from that one vacation some years ago. More often than not, rugs get unsanitary stains such as food spills or are the unfortunate sites of pet-related potty-training accidents.

This can greatly affect not just the state of your rug but of the entirety of your home as well. Rugs, after all, serve a higher purpose in a home as they’re also air filters that trap dirt, bacteria, and the like – and this prevents these allergens and pesky little things from getting into other areas of the room, or even from the breathable air.

However, if a rug is not well cleaned or kept, there is a chance that these accumulated bits of dirt and bacteria could act as a host that spreads diseases to any and all that come into contact with it. Nobody wants that.

And that’s where we at Carpet Cleaning Havasu come in to save the day.

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Different kind of rug, different kind of love.
The thing about people who have rugs in their homes is that not everybody has the same one. Some rugs – like Oriental ones – are made of delicate materials that could get damaged if the cleaning methods used are too harsh and heavy-duty. Other rugs, however, need a bit more elbow grease to be really thoroughly cleaned.

Each different kind of rug then demands a different kind of cleaning. Since we’re professionals – and it’s kind of our job to know what to do in these situations – we can help with that.

We understand that a rug for your home isn’t something that you just pick out at random. It is most likely that you selected your specific rug based on its design and promised longevity. This is why our rug cleaning services can make it so that we stay true to the pristine condition of the rug and treat it with materials that can keep it as clean as possible, for as long as possible.

rug cleaning lake havasu taking a napWhat can a professional rug cleaning service do?

Our cleaning services make it so that we take into account the kind of rug it is that you have and we proceed from there.

​Our team of experts can make it so that we can preserve the beautiful colors of your rug, down to the texture of the fibers, while sanitizing and cleaning it to the best of our abilities. Some cleaning methods might make everything a bit too dry and harsh, but with the right blend of excellence and expertise in cleaning, we don’t have to compromise the state of anything.

Is your rug in desperate need of a gentle but thorough deep cleaning? Well, look no further! Contact us today and we’d love to start the process on bringing your rug back to its best possible state in order to make your home cleaner and healthier for all!

“I thought we were going to have to get a new rug…thanks to you guys I looks as new as i bought it.”

– Deedee Bernard