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Whether it’s kids, food spills, or just a combination of accidents, we’ve all experienced mattress stains—what we don’t realize is just how much this can affect our daily lives.

Having stains on our mattresses, where we sleep every singlenight, is not only unsightly and unhygienic, but affects the effectiveness on the mattress itself which then has an effect on how you sleep—an incredibly important part of maintaining healthy lives. Lack of sleep has severe negative consequences on people’s health and the general state of mind, and all this can come from what most might initially see as just a simple little stain.

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A little (stain) goes a long way
What kind of can little thing like, shall we say, a simple coffee stain really have on our lives?

Along with the actual inconvenience and added stress and frustration of the accident itself, the time it takes to even try remove the stain. Plus, this doesn’t even include the research to find the supposed best way to get rid of it – and even then, there are potential health hazards posed to the “rumored” best ways to get rid of it.

The coffee leaves behind odors and every amateur attempt has the potential to leave further stains on bed sheets. This kind of treatment can also change the actual state of the mattress itself. The coffee seeps into the mattress, altering the materials that create that foundation of comfort and safety that you rely on, and without this the detrimental health affects upon you are ever growing; memory problems, hallucinations and paranoia, difficult concentrating, extreme mood swings—and this is all only from a “simple” coffee stain.

Mattress cleaning lake havasuThe dangers of mediocre mattress cleaning
Not only do we have these kinds of rare accidents, but children, especially at young age, despite mattress protectors and all our best efforts, they still happen and can completely ruin the mattress itself at best. Worse, having the stench filter through your child’s bedroom, directly under your child can have serious health effects, from hygiene problems to skin problems.

Some parents might try to just get rid of the smell, not knowing the kind of danger they invite into their children’s beds when they don’t disinfect human waste from a mattress. While having to replace a mattress after an accident is an unwanted frustration and stress, it is an extremely costly process—especially if accidents are prone to happening resulting in having to keep replacing mattress after mattress.

What can Carpet Cleaning Havasu do for my mattress?
Fear not! Your child and your own continued health is safe with us—we provide an excellent and thorough service that removes stains, odors and bad bacteria from clinging to your beds.

In the removal of these unwanted little hazards, we can leave you assured of your safety and comfort in your own bed, for there’s nothing worse than feeling unclean and at risk than in your own bed.

Our services also mean an extremely cost effective way of riding yourself of these unsightly and horrible problems, while still preserving the integrity of your mattress—instead of continually replacing you mattress at high cost and unnecessary to you, we can save you both money and time by simply removing the problem right from the source.

Contact us at any time for more details on how we at Carpet Cleaning Havasu can get rid of the problem, allowing you to sleep tight without fear of the bed bugs’ bites

“Wow…didn’t know the tile could get as clean as it is!”

– Matt Dolrus