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Picture this—a nice night in with friends, a few bottles of wine being shared, until suddenly… disaster strikes! Red wine on a brand new white carpet. Grease and oil stains from fixing the car or the kids bike, coffee stains on your new sofa, paint staining new flooring while trying to spruce up a room with a lick of paint. Evidence left behind of accidents and mistakes, permanent marks in your home and social standing.

Whether it’s down to messy kids or just unsightly beverage spills (being the most common culprits), there are evident marks of this all over your home; more than you even realize! Forgotten and tucked away from previous attempts to conceal them, you think you’ve removed them.

Hidden the ones you’re not able to get rid of entirely, hoping that no one will notice the dark spot peaking out under that mismatched, once beloved rug, no one will see the red wine stain that’s blended into the material of the sofa barely being hidden by that cushion—but they’re there.

You know they’re there, and sadly, so does everyone else.

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Do I really need professional stain removal services?
The ever-so reliable people of the internet will provide a list of “stuff” to get rid of certain stains, most being specifically for one thing. Usually, this will leave you with a shopping list longer than your arm for all these weird powders and questionable liquids to supposedly rid yourself of past mistakes.

Inevitably, you might try many of these do-it-yourself remedies. Unfortunately, more often than not, these cheap methods end up making the stains even worse, or blending them further into the material they’re grasping onto, further discoloring and ruining the object of their placement.

stain removal lake havasuInstead of digging through the lowest shelves in stores in questionable places, rubbing that grease stain further into those jeans with your great grandmother’s stain-away formula from the early 1900s, smearing that red wine deeper into the carpet—instead of replacing these items, or finding tacky ways to hide them from view; imagine being able to wave a magic wand and removing it.

Well, now you can!

What stain removal services does CCH Offer?
With a simple wave of your hand – or, really, a click of a button or a phone call or two, you can contact us at Carpet Cleaning Havasu for a consultation on how we can rid you of even the deepest and ugliest of stains.

We pride ourselves on being able to remove these regrettable mistakes, leaving with you the confidence you deserve to wear those jeans, to drink red wine even on the whitest and most pristine pieces of of furniture, without fear of embarrassment or permanent blemishes, so you can carry on with your daily life, happy, confident, and crisply clean as a newly folded sheet.

This is the kind satisfaction we can offer you with our stain removal services! You can now forever be without the fear of regretting a mistake for the rest of your life and you can live on and know there is always help to call with Carpet Cleaning Havasu!

“The other option was to replace that part of the carpet…so glad we called Carpet Cleaning Havasu first.”

– Jerava Wilcox