We love before and afters!

No really…that is how it started.  We used to take before and after pictures for other services companies to help them promote their business.  One of the coolest things to see, was the reaction on the clients face when they came home to a house WAY cleaner than when they left it.  They were so thankful, and so happy, and it just felt like such a “feel good” business, that we decided to shift gears and jumped into the industry ourselves.   Thus the birth of Carpet Cleaning Havasu!That was over 8 years ago now, and we have never looked back.You would think nothing really new happens in the carpet cleaning business, but that isn’t true.  There are always new techniques and methods that you have to stay up on since floors and carpets are constantly changing.  You share tips with other carpet cleaners, come up with your own techniques, and make sure your client has a beaming smile when they get home and see their floors look and smell new.Did you know there are cleaners conventions?!?!  Yup….conventions.  Just a bunch of carpet cleaners getting together to learn about….carpet cleaning!!  I know, it sounds ridiculous, but its true!  Do you know what a bunch of carpet cleaners dancing at the after hours party looks like?  Its not pretty… but the seminars have been amazingly educational, and has helped up just get better at what we do.

We hope to keep doing this for a very long time to come, and hope you give us a try and see the difference a great carpeting cleaning can make to where ever you call home!

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“I thought we were going to need to replace our carpets after potty training our pup. Thanks to Carpet Cleaning Havasu, we didn’t”

– Maurice Fernal